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  Participants' Comments

Initially I thought that the training schedule was very heavy, it would be very tiring. However, in reality, I did not feel it at all. Even towards the end of the last day, I felt like staying on to continue learning. Most surprisingly, the pastors could integrate well with each other and there was a strong sense of bonding in relationship. Rev. Wong’s teaching content was very realistic and practical. He used the interactive method to facilitate participation, for example, we have teaching; small group discussion; mutual sharing of opinions; spiritual enrichment. Its great! 

Rev. Priscilla Tai, 
Senior Pastor of the First Assembly of God (Chinese), Penang;
Chair-Person, Chinese Churches Love Penang Network.

This is a very good motivating training programme. During the last few days, it allowed me to learn so much about leadership and management of the church ministry. It also gave me the opportunity to learn how to deal with issues and challenges arosed from inter-personal relationship problems. With God’s grace and wisdom, I became more courages to face changes to achieve my goal.

这是一个很好激励培训的计划与安排。让我们在这几天内,能学习许多领导与管理教会及人事上与关系所产生的问题与困难。让我们凭上帝所赐我们智慧与恩赐,大胆的去改变自己,达 成目标。 

Rev. Peter Chua,
District Superintendent of the northern district of the Lutheran Church of Malaysia


At the training, I learned the importance of leadership and management in church ministry. At the same time I acknowledged the past leadership mistakes and failure. I will endeavour to make the necessary adjustment. I understood my own gifting and distinctiveness, seeking to utilise them for ministry service. I also learned the approach to identify suitable candidates for ministry and to place them at the relevant role. Rev. Wong’s life and experience itself is the teaching.

Rev. Samuel Lau,
Senior Pastor of 8 Gospel Mission Churches in Kedah
刘必才牧师 ,八间福音宣道教会主任牧师。

I was touched by the spontaneous and mutual prayer support of the pastors. The teaching approach was lively, with active participatory discussion. I benefitted much from the experience of many senior pastors. I was able to tap the personal experience of Rev. Wong in my personal discussion with him.  
Pastor Gabriel Chan,
Glory Kingdom Disciple Centre, Penang

The teaching is very systematic, giving me the feeling of enhancing my knowledge. This was what I desired. The special feeling was that I felt well accepted, including Rev. Wong’s sacrifice and devotion to us. We felt his warm disposition. 
很有系统性的教导,给我更有素质被受训的感觉 (我觉得这是我所要得)。很特别的感觉到"被受"很多的感觉。包括到黄牧师很施给的给予。他给人很亲切的感觉。
Rev. Grace Teo,
Pastor of Faith Assembly of God, Teluk Intan,Perak