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  What Christian Leaders say . . .

The story of Kim Kong’s life and ministry, despite his severe physical limitations, is simply stunning. His inspiring and instructive book bears eloquent testimony to the faithfulness of God. It opens for us immense possibilities for a believer with determined perseverance and tenacity of faith, however harsh the reality of life may be. His reflections crystallise for us many invaluable principles for living and leadership. He has indeed modelled a life of faith in action for leaders anywhere.

Bishop Moses Tay, First Archbishop,
Province of South East Asia Anglican Diocese

Here is a book that needs to be read especially by those facing physical or emotional limitations. How exciting it is to see what our God has done through his servant Wong Kim Kong. It has been a joy to know him and to realize he is a man after God’s own heart whose talk and walk are on the same level. I want to urge you not only to read this book, but to pass on copies to others.

George Verwer, Founder & Former International Director 
Operation mobilisation UK

Years before meeting him, I had heard of Wong Kim Kong’s leadership abilities, in spite of his physical limitations. When we met, I was amazed at his calm strength and gracious presence. I wondered how he could do it! This book tells how, and when I read it tears came to my eyes as I realised the power of God flowing through Kim Kong – the same power that is available to you and to me. Read this book: it will inspire and encourage you, as it did me ! 

Bill Conrad, Vice president, International Ministry
Billy Graham Evangelistic Association U.S.A 

A remarkable book of hope and comfort. Reading it has challenged me to appreciate God's love and grace because I too live and lead with limitations. Thanks for sharing so candidly about your life, Kim Kong. A must read for all who want to experience God in a freash way.

Dr. John Ng, Senior Vice-President
Eagles Communications, Singapore

This book underscores that God’s grace is sufficient for all who are trapped in spiritual, emotional and psychological bondages. Kim Kong, in his transparent sharing of his pain, struggles and triumph over his limitations affirms for us that the Lord uses and blesses a life that is surrendered to Him, that the potential that can be attained is dependent on the manner in which we respond to the opportunities and responsibilities that the Lord places before us. This excellent book is a ‘must read’ for all.

Rev Eu Hong Seng, Chairman, NECF Malaysia,
 Senior Pastor, Full Gospel Tabernacle.

Above all, this is an inspiring story of a life willingly given to God in service through obedience. Candidly written and without embellishment, brother Wong Kim Kong begins by revealing his myriad and enormous struggles, chiefly araising from his physical disability and wonders hopelessly how we can ever make it in life with such a severe handicap as a pair of deformed legs. But God in His grace and purpose, liberated and transformed him. 

Through a changed perspsective of life, he committed to excel in every task, both given and initiated for the glory of his Lord. He was Malaysian CARE's founding chairman and currently serves most effectively as a secretary General of the national Evangelical Christian Fellowship Malaysia. This is a book to be read by all who desire to impact lives both individually and society at large in a positive manner in the knowledge that ultimately, it is God who gives the enablement.

Elder Kong Yeng Phooi, Jalan Gasing Gospel Hall, 
Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

Truly the Lord looked beyond Kim Kong and saw a man whose heart is mallaeable. An amazing and inspiring true story of a strong leader much used by God. His only qualification - a willing heart.

Pastor Sim See Tian, Senior Pastor
Diakonia Christian Church Rawang, Malaysia 

As we journey with Kim Kong through the dark tunnel which God allowed him to travel, we are convicted of the way in which society (that is us) victimised (and often still victimises) those whom we call disabled. We also see the devastating effects which such treatment has upon a disabled person. Thankfully we only go into a tunnel halfway. The other half way we are coming out! And so, as we continue our journey with Kim Kong, we can see how Jesus Christ has been lighting up his personal life, his family, and his prophetic ministry in the church and nation.

Rev. Peter Young, Former Executive Director
Malaysian CARE

Wong Kim Kong displays a robust candour in narrating his life story in Living and Leading with Limitations. He unabashedly lets us into his personal struggles and victories. I am particularly pleased that he has included details about his wife, Serene, and their three sons, Joshua, Ezra and Hosea. Kim Kong has helmed significant ministries and made notable contributions to the church in Malaysia. Physical limitations have not stopped him from taking big strides into a life of abundance. Limitations and abundance may sound like a mismatch but Kim Kong’s life and ministry amply demonstrate that this paradoxical equation indeed becomes a reality in a life surrendered to Christ. Wong Kim Kong is an inspiration to us all.

Goh Poh Gaik, Former Editor of Asian Beacon
Praise Baptist Church, Malaysia

The book is a wonderful answer to the many questions I have always wanted to ask Kim Kong but never dared to. How did he cope with the teasing when he was young ? What made Serene say “yes” to him ? Why is he so positive about life despite his disability ? When I first met Kim Kong, he appeared so ‘normal’ that I sometimes forgot that I was interacting with a handicapped person. I would never have suspected the amount of pain he had to endure as he was growing up. Kim Kong’s life story clearly demonstrates how God can transform one’s DISability and HISability.

Lim- Phang Sow Yoong
Owner of an agency specialising in corporate publications.
Petaling Jaya Malaysia