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The need for christian leadership is more urgent than ever.In a world of compromised integrity, blurred ethics and the compartmentalisation of private life and public pesona, the need for Christians willing to be Biblical and Holy Spirit dependent is critical for leading successfully  in church life or in the market place. 

I have known Bro Kim Kong for more than 15 years and  have worked alongside him in the National Evangelical Christian Fellowship, Malaysia for more than 10 years. It is a great delight to see Bro Kim Kong share his personal life testimony. Within the pages you see a determined man, someone who struggled with a physical disability at a time and in a nation that was not yet ready to cope with the needs of the physically disabled, and yet through his determination and family support he made it to the top university in the country. It was at university that he met Christ through the love of Christians brothers and sisters who showed him love and acceptance in tangible ways. Very soon, he made the life changing decision to turn his lifecompletely over to God. And from there we see how the grace of God turned a person struggling with physical and emotional limitations into a remarkable man whom God used and continues to use for the extension of His Kingdom.

We all have limitations, most may not be a physical limitations that everyone can see or acknowledge. For many our limitations may be in the area of our education, or our personality, or our family background. What Bro Kim Kong challenge us in this book si to look beyond ourselves; to take our eyes off what we can see or understand, and instead to fix our eyes onto a great God who is able to do exceedingly, abundantly above all we can even ask or think. Through real life personal examples, we see how God takes the impossible and makes it possible; and what is limiting into powerful spiritual lessons that can enrich our lives and our walk with the Lord.

This volume also provides practical suggestions and personal applications in meeting the challenges of leading from someone who has been successful. I am deeply appreciative of and commend Brother Kim Kong for his desire to contribute to the developement of Christian faith and leadership and highly recommend this book.

Rev. Datuk Prince Guneratnum 
Senior Pastor, Calvary Church 
General Superintendent Emeritus, Assembly of God Malaysia