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First, I want to thank my Saviour Jesus Christ for His divine intervention into an imminent danger in my life. By his grace I was spared from the possibility of a stroke or heart attack while i was ministering at a Pastors and Leaders Conference in Yangon, Myanmar. I am indebted to Dr. Ng Soon Gan - my consultant cardiologist, Mr. N. Arunachalam - the surgeon, Dr. Sylvian Dass - the anaesthetist and the medical team for their excellent medical treatment, care and advice during my cardio thoraic bypass surgery. 

It was this sudden medical emergency that compelled me to have compulsory and complete rest for three months to recuperate after surgery. This book would not have been written if I had not been given the opportunity and be freed from the demands of my routine work and tight schedule. Above all, it was the inspiration of the Holy Spirit over two sleepless nights that revealed the title and the contents of the book and started me writing. 

I also want to thank my friends and students of several leadership institues wgo initially suggested that i write this book. I am grateful for their comments and suggestions that prompted me to put in writing the legacy which the Lord has placed in my life and ministry. I hope that it will encourage and bless others. 

My thanks to Mr David Tow, Rev Peter Young, Mr. David Boler, the late Dr. Abraham (Peter) Tong, Mr Lim Heng Seng and my friends and collegues in Diakonia Christina Church, Navigators, Fifth Residential College Christian Fellowship, Malaysian CARE and NECF Malaysia, both past and present, who have taught me so much about spiritual things and ministry. Some have been a continual source of wisdom and good counsel over the years and had originally encouraged me to step out in faith fo rthe ministry of the Gospel. 

A number of people have read parts of the manuscript at various stages and made innumerable comments and suggestions of which the majorities have been incorporated into the book. My sincere thanks to many who took time to read and write their comments on the book. My thanks to Bishop Moses Tay, Rev. George Verwer, Mr. Bill Conrad, Rev. Peter Young, Dr. John Ng, Rev. Eu Hong Seng, Elder Kong Yeng Phooi, Pastor Sim See Tian, Miss Goh Poh Gaik, and Mrs. Lim-Phang Sow Yoong. However, the responsibility for the contents is mine.

I am also grateful to Rev. Datuk Prince Guneratnam, my co-partner and immediate past Chairman of NECF Malaysia, for his willingness to write the foreword. Over a decade of our partnership, he has been a pastor to me - caring, encouraging and supportive in my ministry. 

I am indebted to Mrs. Daisy Singam and her daughter Sheila Singam for their exellent work in correcting and editing my final draft. They have devoted many hours to ensuring an accurate, readable and well-structured text and style. 

Without the enormous practical care, support and generosity from many churches and individuals whom i associate with, especially pastors, leaders and Christian philanthropists, I would not have the story to tell. 

This book is dedicated to Serene, Joshua, Ezra & Hosea - the silent and unnoticed fulcrum of my ministry
Most of all a tribute is due to my wife, Serene, as well as to our children, Joshua, Ezra and Hozea. They have sacrified much to put up with my busy ministry and travelling. Serene has always been encouraging and supportive, even when it meant coping alone with the three growing boys. Without her commitment to me and the family, not a page of the book would have been written. She also did the first correction on my dfraft and made many helpful suggestions to clarify parts of the writing that were ambiguous or obscure. 

Of course, it is my Lord Jesus Christ that make the difference. Without His guidance and the inspiration o fthe Holy Spirit, my dream would not have become a reality. 

To God be the glory, great things he has done!

Rev. Wong Kim Kong