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Preaching at New Life Restoration Center Shah Alam 证道:新生命教会 Past Event

Date: 07-Jul-2013 to 07-Jul-2013

Shekinah Four Squares Church Ipoh Past Event

Date: 14-Jul-2013 to 14-Jul-2013

Cohort 4 Leadership Training Sitiawan
Past Event

Date: 17-Jul-2013 to 19-Jul-2013

Christian Life Center A/G Sitiawan Past Event

Date: 20-Jul-2013 to 21-Jul-2013

Eagles' Asian Leadership Conference in Singapore
Past Event

Date: 25-Jul-2013 to 27-Jul-2013

Diakonia Christian Church Rawang Past Event

Date: 28-Jul-2013 to 28-Jul-2013

Preaching at Diakonia Christian Church, Rawang
证道 – 太可利亚基督教会
Past Event

Date: 04-Aug-2013 to 04-Aug-2013

Speaking at the Kepong Chinese Methodist Church Church Retreat
甲洞华文卫理公会退休营 – 主讲
Past Event

Date: 08-Aug-2013 to 08-Aug-2013

Preaching at the Praise Baptist Church, Sri Damansara
证道 – 斯里白沙罗赞美浸信会
Past Event

Date: 11-Aug-2013 to 11-Aug-2013

Facilitating at the Haggai Institute National Seminar
Past Event

Date: 11-Aug-2013 to 13-Aug-2013

Conducting two trainings overseas
Past Event

Date: 17-Aug-2013 to 31-Aug-2013

Cohort 8 Training 3 Past Event

Date: 03-Sep-2013 to 06-Sep-2013
Venue: Refreshing Spring Resort

Leadership Training Cohort 8 Training 3 Past Event

Date: 03-Sep-2013 to 06-Sep-2013

Living Spring Church Retreat at Golden Palm Tree Resort 教会退休营 Past Event

Date: 14-Sep-2013 to 16-Sep-2013

Hope Church National Leaders Conference希望教会领导大会 Past Event

Date: 15-Sep-2013 to 15-Sep-2013

Praise City Church, Kuala Lumpur城市赞美教会证道 Past Event

Date: 22-Sep-2013 to 22-Sep-2013

Christian Life Center (AG) Sitiawan基督生命教会证道 Past Event

Date: 28-Sep-2013 to 29-Sep-2013

Leadership Training Cohort 4 (Sitiawan)第四班领导培训 Past Event

Date: 30-Sep-2013 to 02-Oct-2013

Diakonia Christian Church (Rawang)太可利亚教会证道 Past Event

Date: 06-Oct-2013 to 06-Oct-2013

My son Joshua's wedding儿子约书亚的结婚典礼和喜筵 Past Event

Date: 12-Oct-2013 to 13-Oct-2013

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